Malcolm Alexander-Neal


English and Spanish
Chicago | San Diego | Detroit

Malcolm mighty march in merit, an accent of alliteration created for a prose to
introduce myself. My full name is Malcolm Elajuwon Alexander-Neal. My parents
each gave me two names. My father named me Malcolm Neal and my mother gave
me Elajuwon Alexander. I was born on Wednesday, March 9, 1988 in Detroit,
Michigan and I am a Pisces (the sign of water).

I am a proud graduate of Lewis Cass Technical High School in Detroit; I was in the
Business Management, Marketing, Services and Technology curriculum. This
curriculum consisted of classes including Accounting, Business Management, and
Business Law. I graduated with a 3.66 cumulative grade point average. I applied to
several colleges, all in which I was accepted but chose Michigan State University in
East Lansing, Michigan because of the Eli Broad School of Business. Company
recruiter’s feedback, job placement rate, and its accounting program rankings are all

At Cass Tech, I was very involved with my school, as well as the community. I was
the President of Business Professionals of America (BPA), a business club which
competes in Business competitions and is recognized as a prominent business club
across the United States. In this organization, I competed and won several awards
including first place in fundamental accounting, and sixth place in advanced
accounting. I was in Co-op, where I worked at Tillman & Tillman PC and Gregory J.
Reed & Associates PC, both law firms. I was also very active in other clubs including
Cass Tech’s book club, where I was the T-Shirt maker, Sign Language Club where I
was Vice President, Academic Decathlon, Multi-Cultural Club, and Japanese Anime

Club. I was also a highly motivated student who had a passion for education and
dreamed of attending Harvard University. I got accepted to their summer school
program in the summer of 2004 and took two university courses there for a total of
eight credits. I took Financial Accounting (ACC 201) and Architecture of Boston (an
urbanization class).

I attended Michigan State University where I obtained my undergrad in Finance.
While at MSU I was very active with National Association of Back Accountants,
where I ultimately served as the President. During my matriculation at MSU I
successfully gained two internships with KPMG (Audit Intern), a internship with
Ernst and Young (Audit Intern) and two internships with Compuware (Software
Developer Intern). Upon graduation, I went to Wayne State University to earn my
Masters in Accounting. Upon graduation, I worked for National Futures Association
as a Staff Auditor I for a year and a half. Wanting more corporate accounting
experience I started worked working for US Foods as a Staff Accountant II in the
Finance Service Center in the world headquarters in Rosemont, IL.